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Buscemi Black Friday Sales - The world's deadliest sniper: As a gripping film of his life is released, how one ruthless marksman claimed 255 victims - then died by the bullet himselfChris Kyle was the most successful sniper in American military historyHe claimed 255 lives during four tours of Iraq before retiring in 2009His life is the subject of a new film tipped for success Buscemi Black Friday Sales at the OscarsIn 2013 Kyle was shot and killed by a friend at a shooting range in TexasA?ByGuy Walters for the Daily Mail Published: 00:33 GMT, 19 January 2015 | Updated: 09:54 GMT, 19 January 2015 7.5k shares 626 View comments The street in the village near Nasiriya in Iraq was almost deserted. Except for a woman and a child, Buscemi Black Friday Sales the sniper could see no other signs of life through the scope of his rifle.It was March 2003, and in a few minutes, a unit of Marines would be entering the village. It was the snipera?s job to protect them from ambush. The shooter, a member of the elite American Navy SEAL commando unit, continued to scan the scene from Buscemi Black Friday Sales an old building at the edge of the village.A?Next to him lay his platoon chief, studying the area through binoculars.A squad of ten marines drove into view and left their vehicles. As they did so, the woman pulled something out from under her robes.Scroll down for videoA? In his sights: Bradley Cooper in his role as Chris Kyle in the Buscemi Black Friday Sales hotly anticipated film American Sniper (above)a?Shea?s got a grenade!a? said the chief.The sniper paused. a?Take a shot!a? the chief ordered.The sniper paused again. He had never killed a woman.a?Shoot!a? barked the chief. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next American Sniper sets new records as it takes $90.2m in... Why motherhood's been the making of Sienna: Actress says she... The Army Ranger Buscemi Black Friday Sales sniper who earned the nickname 'The Reaper'... 'American Sniper' breaks records for best January opening... Share this article Share 7.5k shares The sniper squeezed the trigger and the woman dropped to the ground. As he fired again, the grenade exploded, but did no harm.a?It was my duty to shoot, and I dona?t regret it,a? he said later. a?My shots saved Buscemi Black Friday Sales several Americans, whose lives were clearly worth more than that womana?s twisted soul.a?The snipera?s name was Chris Kyle, and the dead woman represented his first kill with a long-range rifle.Little did Kyle know, but he would go on to become the most successful sniper in American military history, claiming 255 kills over six years, with 160 of them officially confirmed Buscemi Black Friday Sales by the Pentagon.A? Chris Kyle was the most successful sniper in American military history after killing 255 over four tours of Iraq The man with a red a?crusadera?s crossa? tattooed on his arm once said his only regret about his work was that he hadna?t killed more.Kylea?s record is astonishing, so much so that his life is now the subject Buscemi Black Friday Sales of a major new film.A?Released in the UK on Friday, it is directed by no less a figure than Clint Eastwood, and stars the hunk-du-jour Bradley Cooper, who last week received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his role.Called American Sniper, and based on Kylea?s autobiography of the same name, the film reveals not only how he became so successful, Buscemi Black Friday Sales but also how the trauma of fighting in Iraq never left him, right until Kylea?s own tragically early aᡨ and as we shall see, deeply ironic aᡨ death at the age of 38 in February 2013.Raised in rural Texas, Kyle had been a cowboy before he joined the SEALs. Initially, he was rejected because a rodeo accident had left him Buscemi Black Friday Sales with metal pins in his arms. The film reveals not only how he became so successful but how the trauma of fighting in Iraq never left him (Bradley Cooper, above)However, in the late Nineties, the unit relaxed its entrance policy, and Kyle was put through the fearsomely tough selection and training regime.A?In 2003, he was deployed to Iraq, where he Buscemi Black Friday Sales made his first long-distance kills aᡨ including that woman with the grenade aᡨ although he had not actually been trained as sniper.With an obvious talent, he was sent to the SEAL sniper school, where he was taught the dark arts of warfarea?s loneliest and most controversial job. Many of the classes were in the use of computers and how to Buscemi Black Friday Sales make complex calculations about distance, wind speeds and so on.As Kyle discovered, shooting is only a small part of the snipera?s role. He was taught not only how to observe, but how to stalk. His natural lack of patience made it hard, but he was determined to succeed.Ironically enough, considering his future record, Kyle actually failed the markmanship test, which Buscemi Black Friday Sales could have meant being kicked off the course.His instructor was perplexed, until he realised Kyle was missing one vital piece of his equipment aᡨ chewing tobacco, which helped him relax and shoot more accurately.a?It was the only thing I had done differently and it turned out to be key. I passed the exam with flying colours aᡨ and a wad Buscemi Black Friday Sales of tobacco in my cheek.a?In 2004, Kyle was posted to Fallujah, west of Baghdad and a major battleground of Iraqi insurgency, and it was during the battle for that city where he made his mark.Working from the tops of buildings, Kyle would scan a neighbourhood for insurgents. On one afternoon, he spotted a group half a mile away, on an Buscemi Black Friday Sales embankment. a?In their mind, they couldna?t be seen and were safe,a? he said. a?They were badly mistaken.a?Working with a fellow sniper, Kyle shot three insurgents that afternoon. His partner got two.Picking off their victims in cold blood, rather than the frenzy of a fire-fight, snipers are often regarded with distaste by other soldiers aᡨ and can expect instant death if Buscemi Black Friday Sales caught by the enemy. But Kyle had no moral qualms. a?After the first kill, the others come easy,a? he claimed bluntly.Some of his kills in Fallujah were like something from the very darkest of black comedies.One afternoon, he watched 16 heavily armed insurgents crossing a river using four beach balls as floats, with four men clinging onto each. Clint Eastwood Buscemi Black Friday Sales (left) directed the film which has won Bradley Cooper (right) an Oscar nomination as Best ActorA? Instead of shooting the men, Kyle shot the beach balls. After he had shot the first, the men tried to swim to the others. Kyle then shot a second ball, and soon eight men were flailing in the water.a?Hell, it was a lot of Buscemi Black Friday Sales fun,a? Kyle recalled with the grimmest humour.After shooting the third ball, and with most of the men unable to grab the last one, the insurgents started to drown. Kyle watched the survivors fight each other for the final ball, before he shot it. The insurgents either drowned, or were finished off by some nearby Marines.After Fallujah, Kylea?s next killing zone Buscemi Black Friday Sales was in Baghdad. It was there that he saw a teenage boy being kidnapped by gunmen. Without hesitation, Kyle picked off the kidnappers in a blur of high-precision fire. The boy seized his chance and ran.However, it was in 2006 in Ramadi, a city in central Iraq, that Kyle gained his nickname as a?The Legenda? from his fellow SEALs.One day, Buscemi Black Friday Sales while positioned on a roof, Kyle watched a moped coming down a street. Riding it were two men, one of whom dropped a backpack into a pothole. Realising that it contained an improvised explosive, Kyle took a shot at the speeding moped from a range of 150 yards. The bullet hit one of the riders, passed through him, and hit Buscemi Black Friday Sales the other.a?Two guys with one shot,a? Kyle proudly said. a?The taxpayer got good bang for his buck on that one.a? Kylea?s reputation spread far, and the insurgents labelled him the a?Devil of Ramadia? aᡨ and they even put up a a?wanteda? poster. The film is based on Kyle's book of the same name (above)A?Soon, however, it was time for the Buscemi Black Friday Sales a?devila? to go to Sadr City, a no-go quarter of Baghdad, which Kyle found the most brutal of all.By now, despite relishing the thrill of combat, the emotional strain of war was taking its toll. His relationship with his wife, Taya, worsened every time he was on leave, and he had lost close friends in the conflict. Furthermore, he had Buscemi Black Friday Sales been shot twice, and only a ricochet off his helmet camera and the efficacy of his body armour had saved him.However, it was near Sadr City where Kyle would make his most spectacular kill.After taking over a house to use as a sniper point, Kyle started scanning a neighbouring village. Through the scope of his rifle, he spotted a figure Buscemi Black Friday Sales on top of a house some 2,100 yards away aᡨ well over a mile. Kyle studied the figure, but he couldna?t establish whether the person was hostile to the Americans.Shortly afterwards, Kyle watched a U.S. convoy approach the village, and when he looked at the figure, he saw it was raising a rocket launcher. With no way to warn the Buscemi Black Friday Sales convoy, Kyle had to shoot, even though he knew there was almost no chance of making a hit.He pulled the trigger. To his astonishment, the Iraqi fell to the ground. a?The shot amazes me even now,a? wrote Kyle in his memoir. a?It was my longest confirmed kill in Iraq.a?In 2009, after four tours of Iraq, Kyle retired. He had not Buscemi Black Friday Sales only shot more of the enemy than any other American sniper, but had also gained himself a chestful of medals, including three Silver Stars for gallantry.Yet for all his bravado, it is virtually impossible for any man to wreak so much death without paying a price psychologically. Even though he had left the SEALs, for years, Kyle found it hard Buscemi Black Friday Sales to adjust to family life.However, after publishing his book American Sniper in 2012 to much acclaim, and setting up a military training company, the future looked brighter, and Kyle even enjoyed a fair amount of celebrity.But then something happened which shocked America aᡨ and which would be hard to believe in a movie if it were not entirely true.On February Buscemi Black Friday Sales 2, 2013, Kyle met his own death in the way he had killed so many others. That day, on a shooting range in Texas, former Marine Eddie Ray Routh, 25, shot and killed Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield. The motive remains unclear, but it is thought Routh was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.In fact, Kyle and Littlefield had taken Buscemi Black Friday Sales their troubled comrade to the shooting range as therapy, only for Routh to gun them down. Routh later told his sister he wanted Kylea?s Ford pick-up truck.When Kylea?s funeral was held ten days later, thousands lined the route of the 200-mile funeral procession, which took his body from his home in Midlothian, Texas, to the State Cemetery in Austin.A man Buscemi Black Friday Sales who had lived by the bullet had died in the same way aᡨ one of the most high-profile victims of Americaa?s War on Terror. .