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GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales - Explosive extracts of bombshell memoir by Miliband's former ally: How Ed set fire to a carpet and bought a Muslim prayer mat to cover itByMartin Winter For The Mail On Sunday Published: 22:00 GMT, 17 January 2015 | Updated: 16:10 GMT, 18 January 2015 363 shares 58 View comments When political kingmaker Martin Winter agreed to turn young Ed Miliband GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales into an MP, he was aghast at the bumbling oddball who came to stay.A?Now, in a book that will rock Labour, he reveals the bombshell confession of the man who wants to be PM.A?Read the explosive first extracts of Martin Wintera?s devastating memoir.Scroll down for videoA? Big guns:A?Gordon Brown, centre, visits Doncaster before the 2005 Election. With, from left, Martin GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales Winter, Barnsley MP Jeff Ennis, Doncaster Central MP Rosie Winterton, Don Valley MP Caroline Flint and Ed MilibandGORDON BROWN TELLS ME TO MAKE ED AN MPWednesday, March 2, 2005. Our houseMy first conversation with Ed. He calls me as agreed at 2.30pm on the dot. We have a 40-minute phone call. He really impresses me. He wants to meet me GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales tomorrow and keeps referring to Gordon. He clearly wants him to make his case for him. He is desperate to have the meeting at the Treasury, so he can wheel out Gordon, not the Cabinet Office, where I have another meeting to attend. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next My nine and a half weeks of Calamity Ed: Political kingmaker... Two GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales Eds hid truth about global crash: Miliband and Balls... Share this article Share Thursday, March 3, 2005, 2.30pm HM Treasury, LondonEd meets us. He is unbelievably gracious and charming, and leads us into a small anteroom overlooking a quiet side street.He is incredibly young with soft olive skin.His speech is so nasal it gets in the way of what he GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales is saying. Upper echelon: Martin Winter as mayor of Doncaster pictured alongside Cherie Blair in 2003Sure enough, Ed says that Gordon wants to a?pop in and say helloa?. I should have told him that I dona?t do star-struck.Having said that, when the door opens and Gordon walks in, he is friendly, warm-hearted, relaxed and incredibly impressive.He pulls up a chair, GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales swinging it into place at our table, sits down and says hea?s ordered some cream cakes to go with the pot of tea wea?re having. a?Tea and cream cakes with Gordon Brown at the Treasury aᡧ thata?s one to tell the grandkids,a? I say to myself.a?Eda?s been telling me about the fantastic work youa?re doing in Doncaster, Martin,a? he tells GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales me excitedly.I explain that we are witnessing the birth of a new city with one of the most comprehensive economic regeneration portfolios in the UK.Gordon appears enthused aᡧ and sends Ed out for a fresh pot of tea.I tell Gordon that with my support as mayor and kingmaker, Eda?s success in Doncaster is practically a done deal.Gordon continues: a?Ita?s incredibly GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales important for me to have Ed elected in Doncaster Northa| you just need to let me know what you require in return.a? Ten years on:A?Martin Winter with, from left, Beth, Joss, Carolyne and Marceya?Thank you, I might not want anything, I might want everything. Leta?s get Ed elected first, Chancellor.a?a?Call me Gordon, Martin.a?(In fact I had already told very senior GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales party figures I wanted to be a successful mayor and then join the Lords. It had been indicated that I had every expectation of achieving that. There are no Labour peers from Doncaster and we need and deserve a voice there.)I tell Gordon that Ed needs to hit the ground running and come up to Doncaster this evening, so we GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales can get him out there meeting people as of tomorrow.Gordon thanks us again and we leave. As we depart, I reflect on the meeting and its success.With Ed as our newest MP and Gordon soon to be PM, I will be able to access the PM to pitch our development programme for Doncaster and the North of England. The strategy GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales makes sense.4.30pm aᡧ Train from Kinga?s Cross to DoncasterEd has a bag packed to take up the offer to stay at my house, and we get the train to Doncaster.I text Carolyne: a?Guess whoa?s coming to dinner?a?Ed is full of questions: what is Doncaster like; who are the key players he needs to talk to; what should his tactics be?I GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales give him the answers. I make it very clear that, as mayor, I intend to be seen to have supported the winning candidate, and Ed should make no bones about it aᡧ he will win.8.30pm I have been winding Ed up about Carolyne doing the real a?interviewa? with him when we get back to Doncaster.a?Shea?s been a card-carrying member of GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales the Labour Party since she was 18, so youa?ll do well to pass muster,a? I tell him.9pm aᡧ Our houseI introduce Ed to Carolyne.My children Beth [then 14, now 24], Joss [then 11, now 21] and Marcey [then 10, 20 next week] are hyper about our special guest. OFFICE RUG?... NO ED, IT'S A MAT FOR MUSLIM PRAYERSA? An expert GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales last night confirmed that the a?Christmas presenta? Ed Miliband gave to Martin Wintera?s partner Carolyne Hunter is a Muslim prayer mat for the elderly or infirm.Abu Atik, who sells prayer mats at the London Central Mosque in Regenta?s Park, said it had extra padding to help those who need to protect their knees.Mr Atik said he believed the cotton mat GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales may have been made in Morocco and would cost about AG25. For the elderly: An expert last night confirmed that the a?Christmas presenta? Ed Miliband gave to Martin Wintera?s partner Carolyne Hunter is a Muslim prayer mat for the elderly or infirmHe said: a?It is larger and thicker than most prayer mats that I sell. This sort tends to be GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales used by people whose knees hurt if they use thin mats and who need more protection from the ground.a?It could be used by the elderly, someone with arthritis or someone who was praying on concrete.a?Like many mats, it can also be used as a decoration, usually to hang on walls.a?The mat given to Mr Winter and Ms Hunter in Christmas GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales wrapping paper measures 2ft 6in by 4ft, a typical prayer mat size.Devout Muslims use the mats to pray in the direction of Mecca five times daily. The mats are an important part of the Muslim emphasis on cleanliness while praying. It is considered very disrespectful to get a prayer mat dirty. A BUNK IN a?FUTURE PRIME MINISTERa?S BEDROOMa?11.30pmWe show Ed GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales his bedroom for the evening (Jossa?s room aᡧ Joss moves out and Ed gets the bottom bunk). It is emblazoned with posters of Manchester United players, Jossa?s favourite team.Carolyne has put a sign on the door reading a?FUTURE PRIME MINISTERa?S BEDROOMa?.We say good night to Ed.ED MAKES A BAD IMPRESSION ON THE KIDS AT BREAKFASTFriday, March 4, 2005, 7.45amA?Ed tells GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales me what a bizarre breakfast hea?s had this morning.The children were having a heated argument over whether George Seurata?s painting, The Bathers At AsniALres, is an example of pointillism or of French impressionism.a?What do you think Ed?a? they asked him. He says he found it all quite odd and not what hea?d expected at all.I ask him whether he considers GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales it an example of pointillism. He is flummoxed aᡧ so I tell him most young people in Doncaster like to debate the history of art over breakfast! It was as if he didna?t expect Northern kids to be so well versed in fine art. The children found it patronising aᡧ and made him pay for it later. I am keen GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales to make sure that local left-wing militants do not find out that Ed is living at our house11.30amI have spare keys cut so that Ed has access to our house and my office.Carolyne has converted the childrena?s playroom into a bedroom for Ed. It is bright yellow and green. We bought Ed a wardrobe and bed specially for him. He GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales is to use the laundry bin we have put in a?his rooma? and our housekeeper will do his washing.I am keen to make sure local Left-wing militants do not find out Ed is living at our house. If they do, they will do anything to stop him becoming MP. As mayor, I have to play a straight bat in public, GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales backing no one and offering all candidates the same support.In reality I am not just backing Ed, I am sponsoring him.DOORMAT ED CANa?T EVEN SHUT THE FRONT DOORSunday, March 6, 2005Wea?ve always been tight on security in our house, with burglar alarms and front and rear door sensors. They alert us when a door is being opened by emitting loud GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales electronic a?ding-donga? alarms. Every time the door opens it beeps, so if the mat is stuck on the threshold and you keep trying and failing to close the door, it keeps beeping. Ed, pictured, struggles with everyday challenges and seems to know little about the values and lifestyles of ordinary working-class peopleMarcey joins Carolyne and me in our bedroom and GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales says: a?You know that fella living in the playroom. Hea?s not very bright, is he?a?Carolyne says: a?Hea?s actually really intelligent. Why do you say that?a? a?Yesterday morning,a? says Marcey, a?I was in bed half-asleep and heard him going out the front door.a?You know what happens when the doormat gets trapped under the door aᡧ it kept beeping. He must have GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales tried it ten times so I came downstairs to do it for him.a?He was on his knees trying to look under the door aᡧ he couldna?t work out why it wouldna?t shut properly. I said, a?Ia?ll do it.a?a?a?He said, a?I think Ia?ve broken the door.a?a?I moved the mat, closed the door and went back to bed,a? she said, bewildered. I GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales have a sneaking suspicion that Marcey may be right. On one level, Ed has a computer-like brain. And he can be fun. He joined in when the kids played a?Tiggy Off Grounda? [a chasing game where you have to keep your feet off the ground].But he struggles with everyday challenges and seems to know little about the values or lifestyles GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales of ordinary working-class people.ED FORGETS HIS OWN a?NAMEa?Monday, March 7 aᡧ Our houseI have a meeting tonight at The Salutation pub with a union official. Ed wants to come but I say no. The official might rumble me for supporting a candidate despite my official mayoral impartiality. He might smell a rat if we turn up with a polished young GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales man who looks like David Miliband (who was then much better known than Ed).I relent and say he can come. But to be safe, we need to have a pseudonym for Ed aᡧ at least until it becomes public knowledge that he is seeking the Labour nomination.I suggest he should be a friend called James or Jim.a?I dona?t particularly feel GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales like a Jim,a? says Ed.a?No, but youa?re definitely a James,a? I respond.a?Yesa| but Jim?a?a?What da?you want to be called? Butch? Woody?a? I joke.a?What about Vladimir?a? a Labour colleague who was with me laughs.a?Or Karl aᡧ with a K of course.a?a?Or Friedrich?a?a?OK, OK, I get it!a? says Ed.6pm aᡧ Salutation PubI have told Ed to stay in the car where Carolyne GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales is, regardless of what she does.What happens? When she comes into the pub, he follows her.After about an hour into our meeting, the union official breaks off: a?Is that your wife over there, Martin?a?I glance over at the bar and am horrified to see Carolyne with Ed.a?Looks like shea?s pulled,a? he adds, indicating Ed, who is standing next to her.a?Haa|a? GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales I laugh nervously. a?Thata?s Jima| who shea?s been working with.a?a?Arena?t you gonna shout her over then?a? the official asks me, beckoning to Carolyne.Over she comes with Ed.a?Hi therea| wea?ve just finished,a? she says, passing the ball to me.a?Well, leta?s be getting off then,a? I say, finishing my drink. Ed appears to exist in a vacuum as a member of the GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales political class... with no real-world experienceA?a?Are we dropping Jim off?a? I ask, gesturing furtively towards Ed. Carolyne mouths: a?Yes.a? a?Did he just call me Jim?a? Ed asks my Labour friend.I jump up to divert attention.a?Why did he just call me Jim?a? I hear Ed ask again. Ia?m beginning to worry about Ed. He just doesna?t get it.Ed appears to exist GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales in a vacuum as a member of the political class, brought up as one of two a?princesa? with no real-world experience outside academic discourse. It is hard to detect any hinterland, interests or knowledge of anything outside politics.I hurry us towards the door aᡧ just managing to get outside without further problems.ED SETS FIRE TO HIMSELFa|Tuesday, March 8, 11.45pm aᡧ GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales Our houseI have just arrived home. The children are in bed and Carolyne is in the living room. I ask where Ed is and she says hea?s working in my office at the bottom of the garden.It is a brick summerhouse with a desk, computers, telephones and swivel chairs.Ita?s a bitterly cold evening and I go to ask him whether GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales he wants a coffee and to see how hea?s doing.As I walk down the garden path, I wave and signal that Ia?m making a brew but he appears deep in thought.As I come closer, I nod and smile at him but things just dona?t seem right. He doesna?t acknowledge me and is slumped in the chair.As I step onto the GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales veranda of the summerhouse I can see through the window that his eyes look terrible, as if Ia?ve woken him up from a snooze.I make a fuss of him as I open the door. a?Have I woken you up?a? I joke.He stares at me, my mind is racing; therea?s a disgusting acrid smell. a?What, oh, ita?s you,a? he finally says.a?What GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales have you done?a? I shout and, as I look down, I can see what hea?s done.For some reason he has moved a convection heater, which stands on two bricks, into the middle of the room. It is melting through the synthetic carpet, releasing toxic chemicals into the room.a?For Christa?s sake, get out!a? I shout, but hea?s not listening aᡧ hea?s GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales lethargic. a?Get out!a? I shout. a?Youa?ll kill yourself.a? Ed asked aides if his brother was looking better than him while David was appearing on NewsnightI kick the convection heater on to its back and reveal a large hole burnt through both the carpet and its underlay.I grab his chair, swing it round and drive it towards the door.As the chaira?s GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales feet hit the threshold, the chair stops dead, catapulting Ed on to the veranda. Hea?s dazed.a?Carolyne, I need your help,a? I shout as I get him a glass of water.She joins me and we sit with Ed in the garden. We wonder whether we should take him to hospital for a check-up.a?I think youa?re over-reacting a tad,a? says Ed, by GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales now coming round. a?Well, I dona?t think so,a? I say, like an overprotective parent.a?Well, hea?s not even living herea| officially, is he?a? adds Carolyne. a?What would you do if he died?a?a?What would you have done with me?a? asks Ed, feigning upset.a?Well a?theya? wouldna?t have found you here,a? I say, marvelling at the callous (and tongue in cheek!) scenario Ia?m painting GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales of moving his body.We agree it will probably be safe for him to go to bed without a medical examination. Hea?s only been here for a few days, but hea?s already giving us more grief than our three lively children put together. He cana?t open a door and turns himself into a one-man fire hazard the moment he is left GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales alone.Wednesday, March 9Ed joins us all for breakfast aᡧ so we havena?t killed him, or should I say he hasna?t poisoned himself!Nine months later: Saturday, December 17 aᡧ Our HouseEd rings me in the morning and asks whether he can pop in to see Carolyne and me.He has a Christmas card and two wrapped presents, one for me and another GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales which he says is a gift for Carolyne as compensation for the burnt carpet!Carolyne and I wave Ed off and then open our a?presentsa?.Mine aᡧ a pair of two boxed a?House of Commons Whiskey Glassesa?. A nice thought, Ed, but I dona?t drink.Carolynea?s a?presenta? is a small rug, which Ed says she can use to put over the a?accident-damageda? hole GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales in my office carpet. To us, it looks suspiciously like a prayer mat. (Subsequently, we are told it is indeed an Islamic prayer mat, with special padding for the elderly or infirm.) Ed's present is a small rug which could be used to cover the 'accident damaged' hole in my office carpet, but to us, it looks suspiciously like a GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales prayer mat... What if we had been Muslims or put it in our office?A?This seems a strange present, given that it is to be used to put our dirty feet on. What if we had been Muslims? What if we had put it in our office, which is connected to our house across a garden path that gets muddy in GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales the rain? It doesna?t bear thinking about.Rather than treat the prayer mat disrespectfully, we store it with some of our other cherished possessions. Can anyone imagine Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, John Smith, Margaret Thatcher or John Major making that kind of mistake? Exactly.MARCEY, AGED 10, GIVES ED A TOUGH LESSON IN ECONOMICSWednesday, March 9, 2005, 7.15am aᡧ Our houseEd is GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales procrastinating over his a?Candidatea?s Addressa? letter, which must be printed by Wednesday and posted by Saturday.I tell him that our childrena?s mail-out system is more efficient than a Henry Ford factory.a?One folds the letter, one packs it in the envelope and one labels it. But youa?ll have to pay a?em aᡧ Thatchera?s children and all that.a?Youa?ll need to talk to GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales them about when theya?ve got time, because theya?ve got school, homework, ballet and football.a?And the letters need to be handwritten by you.a?a?Handwritten!a? he replies, aghast.a?Not the entire letter,a? I say, astonished he could think I meant he had to write every word. a?Just the names aᡧ a?Dear John or Joana? and the a?Many thanks, Eda? bits.a?He goes to find the GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales children.I sit down with Carolyne on the foot of the stairs and the children stand in the entrance to their playroom aᡧ now Eda?s bedroom. Marcey Winter from Doncaster, pictured, gave Ed some tough lessons in economicsA?Ed stands in the hallway and makes his pitch, saying: a?Your daddy tells me you have a system for undertaking mail-outs aᡧ will you GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales do a run of 750 for me?a? a?Yes, we do it all the time, Ed,a? says Beth.a?How much will you charge me?a?The children, who by now are bristling (again) at his rather patronising tone, go into a huddle in their a?Bat Cavea? (a Batman-themed corridor that connected the playroom to the bathroom). An ominous sign.When they return, Marcey smiles under GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales her big, blue, almond-shaped eyes. a?What do you want mailing out and when for?a?a?A letter and a CV by Saturday lunchtime,a? says Ed.a?Thata?ll be AG5 a sheet,a? says Marcey.a?What about AG2?a? he responds.a?AG5,a? says Marcey. At which point Ed makes his first mistake.a?Thata?s more than you charge your daddy.a?a?AG5,a? repeats Marcey.a?Thata?s a lot more than you normally charge your dad,a? GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales restates Ed, dropping the daddy bit now he realises hea?s in for a harder negotiation than he thought.a?Yes, but hea?s our Dad,a? says Joss. a?And we use his equipment.a?a?And he gives us more than 24 hoursa? notice,a? adds Beth.a?What about AG3?a?a?No. It goes up the closer we get to Friday,a? replies Marcey.a?AG4 is my last offer,a? says Ed.a?Wea?ve got to GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales go to school now,a? says Marcey and leads the other two out of the room.a?Theya?re like hard-bitten businessmen,a? Ed says, laughing and resigned to defeat.a?Ia?ll pay AG5 and learn a valuable lesson.a? He ends up paying them nearly AG400 for two lots of leaflets.As we go back into the kitchen, Carolyne says: a?I cana?t believe that Marceya?s just turned over GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales the chief economic adviser to Gordon Brown.a?If he cana?t cope with our Marcey, howa?s he going to cope when ita?s Vladimir Putin on the other side of the negotiating table?8amI tell Ed he needs to print the 750 leaflets today. I suggest that the letter be in colour and the CV in black and white.He goes to his room and GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales brings out some beautiful high-density card. I tell him there is no way my printer will be able to cope with that density. Ed has already bought eight packets of the high-density card so I agree to try to use it.11.15pmEd signs off his CV, hands it to me aᡧ and goes to bed, doubtless dreaming of No 10. I GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales work through the night getting the job done. I told him it was an insult and that paying us back was about more than money, he just didn't get itThursday, March 10, 4.30amHaving printed fewer than 100 of Eda?s high-density CVs, the machine burns out.4.30pmCarolyne returns from Leicester with a new printer at AG987.00 aᡧ paid for by us.Ed barely GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales acknowledges the arrival of the printer, never mind offering to help pay for it. In all the time he was with us, we did everything for him but he never even had the courtesy to take us out for dinner aᡧ even though he was always telling us he would.When, later, I complained he hadna?t repaid us for everything we GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales had done for him, he said: a?How much do I owe you? Will AG3,000 cover it?a?I couldna?t believe it. I told him it was an insult and that paying us back was about more than money. He just didna?t get it.6pmWith a hastily assembled team of party workers, we begin hand-signing Eda?s leaflets for him. The children start their production GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales line.9.30pmWe finally finish hand-signing Eda?s leaflets.a?IS MY BROTHER BETTER LOOKING THAN ME?a?Monday March 14, 10.30pm - Our houseEd has called Carolyne into the living room. His brother David is on Newsnight and Ed wants her perspective on it. Ed signs off his CV, hands it to me - and goes to bed, doubtless dreaming of number 10David is acquitting himself GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales quite well, countering the interviewera?s points and asserting a strong Government line. Ed is suitably complimentary.a?My father used to get so frustrated with him when we were younga|a? he ventures unprompted.a?All David wanted to do was to play football all the time. In fact, he wanted to be a professional footballer for quite some time.a?a?Is he athletic? Because he looks GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales athletic,a? says Carolyne.He replies: a?Hea?s more athletic than I am aᡧ when I was young I had problems with my feet.a?Ed asks Carolyne: a?Do you think hea?s better looking than me?a?Carolyne keeps her eyes fixed on the TV, buying herself some time to avoid answering. a?Er, does he normally wear glasses?a?a?Yes, he does,a? says Ed. a?Hea?s wearing his contacts now, GGDB Sneakers Black Friday Sales which he doesna?t like doing.a?a?Yesa| hea?s got that look of someone who normally wears glasses,a? replies Carolyne, smartly moving the conversation on.lFallout, by the man who made Ed Miliband an MP goes on sale in April from Amazon and other stores. AG20, ISBN: 978-1-78148-451-7 .