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MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales - 'Je Suis Muslim': Mounting anger in Islamic world at new Charlie Hebdo edition sees protesters in Somalia and Pakistan apeing catchphrase of Western peace marchesA?Protests after magazine puts picture of Prophet Mohamed on front coverCartoon showed bearded figure under the words 'All is forgiven'Sparked anger and violent protests from Africa to the Middle EastFive killed MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales in Nigerian protests, while French flags burned in PakistanHollande: They 'don't understand our attachment to freedom of speech'Charlie Hebdo gunman buried in unmarked grave, lawyer confirmsA?ByFlora Drury For Mailonline Published: 14:49 GMT, 17 January 2015 | Updated: 18:18 GMT, 17 January 2015 3.2k shares 990 View comments Protests against Charlie Hebdo's front cover have seen MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales thousands more take to the streets - with students in Somalia declaring 'Je Suis Muslim - and I love my Prophet'.Students marched through Mogadishu on Saturday morning, three days after the commemorative edition of the satirical magazine went on sale.The magazine features a cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed shedding a tear underneath the words 'All MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales is forgiven', after 12 of Charlie Hebdo's staff were killed in a massacre earlier this month.But the use of the Prophets image has angered many Muslims around the world, with protests taking place from Somalia to Niger, and Pakistan to Jordan.A?A?Scroll down for videoA? Students marched through Mogadishu on Saturday morning after a cartoon of MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales the Prophet Mohamed was published on the cover of Charlie Hebdo The students carried signs which aped the 'Je Suis Charlie' posters which became synonymous with the Western peace rallies But their signs said 'Je Suis Muslim' - with 'I love my Prophet' written underneath People took to the streets all across the western world MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo and Jewish supermarket massacres, which left 12 deadIn Somalia, students had aped the catchphrase of Western marches 'Je Suis Charlie' - meant to show solidarity with the magazine - to 'Je Suis Muslim, et j'aime mon Prophete'.A?Translated, the sign means 'I am Muslim, and I love my Prophet'.A?The MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales distinctive white writing was set against a black background with a white border, just like the Je Suis Charlie placards.A?Meanwhile, lawyers in Pakistan burnt an effegy of French President Francois Hollande in protest at the image, which they see as an attack on their religion.A? But while westerners were shocked by the attack on free MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales speech, Muslims feel any image of the Prophet Mohamed is an attack on their religion In Pakistan, lawyers burned an effigy of French president Francois Hollande, who today said those taking part in the protests 'did not understand our attachment to freedom of speech' The march of the lawyers was a continuation of marches which MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales took place around Pakistan on FridayThe lawyers, dressed in smart suits, were out in force on Saturday morning, as Pakistani activists from Tanzeem-e-Islami lined the streets with signs declaring 'We condemn anti-Islam acts'.A?These protests a day afterA?Pakistani authorities had to use tear gas, batons and water cannons to disperse angry crowds.A?The crowds were said to MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales be trying to force their way into the French consulate. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 2 Next Jihadists killed in Belgium swoop were inspired by the... Churches burned in Niger, photographer shot in the chest in... 'My husband is the victim' says British-based wife of Al... Share this article Share French flags have been burnt in MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales the northwest city of Peshawar and central Multan and rallies have also been held in the capital Islamabad and the eastern city of Lahore.On Thursday,A?Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had led parliament in condemning the cartoons published by the magazine whose officers were attacked last week, resulting in the deaths of 12 people.A?Religious leaders had also MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales called for the magazine's journalists to be hanged and urged their followers to join the protests. Pakistani activists from Tanzeem-e-Islami gather during a protest on Saturday In Niger - a day after five people were killed in Niger in protests over the cartoons - protesters in Niamey attacked a police station and burned at least MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales two police cars near the main mosque after authorities banned a meeting called by local Muslim leadA?There had also been protests in Senegal, Mali, Muaritania and Algeria after Friday prayers, as well as in Jordan, where clashes broke out betweenA?security forces and about 2,000 protesters organised by the Muslim Brotherhood.But French President Francois Hollande dismissed MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales the protests, saying anti-Charlie Hebdo protesters in other countries do not understand France's attachment to freedom of speech.A? Protesters burned represenations of French flags as Pakisatani officials tried to get them under control using tear gas, batons and water cannons Demonstration: Thousands gathered after Friday prayers in Zinder, Niger, to vent their anger Pakistani protesters MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales shout slogans against the printing of images of the Prophet Muhammed in Lahore'There are tensions abroad where people don't understand our attachment to the freedom of speech,' Hollande said.A?'We've seen the protests, and I would say that in France all beliefs are respected.'He added France had supported 'these countries' in the fight against terrorism.A?A?'I still MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales want to express my solidarity (towards them), but at the same time France has principles and values, in particular freedom of expression,' he said.Hollande's country has been left in shock after the three days of violence, which started with the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices, in which 12 died, including the editor.A young police MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales officer was shot dead in the street the next day, while four more people were killed when they were taken hostage in a Jewish supermarket on the final day, last Friday.Three of the gunmen were killed in shoot outs with police: brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi, who carried out the magazine attack, and Amedy Coulibaly, MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales who was in the supermarket.A?A lawyer for one of the brothers said the man had been buried in the eastern city of Reims in an unmarked grave so as not to attract admirers.A number of anti-terror raids have been carried out across Europe in response to the attacks - including one in Belgium where two MBT Shoes Black Friday Sales suspected jihadists were thought to be planning their own Charlie Hebdo-style attack.Both were killed in a firefight with officers.A?A? 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