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MK Black Friday Sales - She's still Jenny From The Block! Jennifer Lopez displays her chiseled abs in tiny top and casual trousers while out in Beverly HillsByKaren Mizoguchi for MailOnline Published: 01:26 GMT, 19 January 2015 | Updated: 14:51 GMT, 19 January 2015 97 shares 102 View comments She's admitted that her go-to outfit is her favorite sweat pants and stylish trainers.And on Friday, Jennifer MK Black Friday Sales Lopez added a bit of sex appeal to her preferred casual ensemble when she showed off her impressive abs wearing a long sleeve turtleneck crop top.The 45-year-old entertainer no doubt turned heads thanks to her revealing ensemble while taking care of personal business in Beverly Hills.Scroll down for videoA? Comfy casual: Jennifer Lopez made her star presence known while running errands MK Black Friday Sales in Beverly Hills, California on FridayJennifer displayed her incredibly fit figure in a pair of grey and black comfy sweats while covering up her arms and shoulders with a knitted black shirt.The mother-of-two accessorized her look with black and gold wedged sneakers and oversized black sunglasses.She slicked back her long tresses in a high ponytail and completed her street style with MK Black Friday Sales diamond jewels. Showing off: The 45-year-old singer-turned-actress showed off her toned abs in a crop topA? Street style: The mother-of-two displayed her incredibly fit figure in a pair of grey and black comfy sweats which were tucked into black and gold wedged sneakersA?The Boy Next Door star spoke about her dressed down style during a recent Today show appearance.'I love sweats, MK Black Friday Sales i get caught by the paparazzi all the time,' said Jennifer. 'I like fly sneakers because when I was growing up in the Bronx your sneakers were like your mark of success.'In addition to her go-to outfit, J Lo revealed she likes to keep her look simple when running errands or out and about. Low-key: She slicked back her long tresses MK Black Friday Sales in a high ponytail and covered her eyes with oversized black sunglassesVisit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy'I do a lot of quick fixes like ponytails and buns or sunglasses a little bit of lip gloss, a little bit of mascara.'When asked by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about her secret to staying ageless, Jennifer MK Black Friday Sales shared that her skin is always the first thing fans inquire about.'Fans always ask about my skin and I have to say I have good genes. My mom and my grandma have beautiful skin so I was blessed with that and I was fortunate,' she said.'But I was also try to get my sleep, I don't smoke, I don't drink there's MK Black Friday Sales other things that I try to do in a healthy way. And I take care of my skin too. I wash my makeup off before I go to sleep at night I put on my moisturizer, I use my eye cream, at a certain point you have to start doing that.' Stunning selfie! J Lo shared a selfie of her flawless MK Black Friday Sales beauty on her Instagram account on Saturday Busy worker: The entertainer was spottedA?busily chatting on her phoneShe even poured cold water on those plastic surgery speculations, adding: 'I haven't had any plastic surgery nothing injectables or fillers or anything like that, nothing. I haven't done it yet, I don't know what I'll feel when things start happening.'While she thanked good genes MK Black Friday Sales for her flawless skin, Jennifer works hard to maintain her toned physique.'For me, and I've learned this over the years, it's a balance. I love to eat, I grew up on fried foods, rice and beans and all this kind of stuff but at a certain point you got to eat a lot more greens, that's what the whole vegan thing MK Black Friday Sales was about and you have to work out, you have to exercise, you have to move.'The bombshell beauty broke down her fitness regimen sharing: 'I do like circuit training and a little bit of cardio and then like muscle work with a little bit of weights, nothing crazy. I'm not a body builder. I'm trying to stay toned and I'm trying MK Black Friday Sales to keep my muscle there because it goes!' Good genes: 'My mom and my grandma have beautiful skin so I was blessed with that and I was fortunate' .