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Saucony Black Friday Sales - Will I beat Mum on Mastermind? Pass! The unlikely double act battling it out on TV's scariest quiz showThey are the mother and daughter duo who will both be victim to John Humphrey's question on the popular quizMadeline will be one of the show's youngest ever contestants and her mum, Sally, is a seasonedA?veteranA?in the quiz Saucony Black Friday Sales arenaFormer sports journalist, Sally, will be tested on John Betjemana£Š?s poetryOxford University student, Madeline, will be taking onA?the novels of E.M.A?ForsterBy SALLY JONES FOR THE DAILY MAILA? Published: 00:19 GMT, 22 January 2015 | Updated: 09:11 GMT, 22 January 2015 8 View comments The call came while I was sitting in my daughtera£Š?s Oxford study. a£Š?Congratulations. Saucony Black Friday Sales Ia£Š?m delighted to tell you that youa£Š?ve been selected to appear on Mastermind,a£Š? said the producer. a£Š?Wea£Š?ll be in touch soon to finalise dates and your specialist subjects.a£Š?My stomach turned over with a familiar pang a£Š°® half-excitement, half-terror at the thought of my fourth appearance on the cult show.Why do I keep putting myself through this? Saucony Black Friday Sales It must be the dangerous thrill of that Approaching Menace theme tune, the black leather chair, the blinding spotlights that induce braina£Š°•numbing panic and John Humphrys, trying unsuccessfully to sound avuncular.a£Š?And is your daughter, Madeline, there?a£Š? asked the voice. a£Š?I need to speak to her, too.a£Š?Madeline, 21, listened intently for a second and then squealed in Saucony Black Friday Sales delight and hugged me. Mastermind had always been a cult show in our house and now she had got the call, too a£Š°® one of the youngest ever contestants, one of just a handful of female quizzers and part of the first ever a£Š?family doublea£Š? of mother and daughter competing in the same season.Days earlier she Saucony Black Friday Sales had been gutted to miss out on University Challenge. She and her brother, Roly, were each picked for their college teams, Madeline captaining St Hildaa£Š?s, Oxford, and Roly, 22, reserve for Caius, Cambridge. But neither appeared in the televised version as the colleges were whittled down to just a handful of uber-geeks.As a BBC Breakfast sports Saucony Black Friday Sales presenter, I had worked alongside Jeremy Paxman in the Eighties. During the University Challenge qualifier, he joked with my children that he chiefly remembered me for mangling the word a£Š?diocesesa£Š?. I resisted the temptation to tell them what I chiefly remembered him for!Both had always loved quizzes and, aged ten, Roly even reached the final of Saucony Black Friday Sales Britaina£Š?s Brainiest Kid, presented by a young Tess Daly.a£Š?Shea£Š?s very prettya£Š? he confided afterwards, a£Š?but she couldna£Š?t even pronounce Jerusalem!a£Š?Madelinea£Š?s alma mater, King Edward VI High School for Girls in Birmingham, has a strong quiz tradition. Aged 13, she was in the Schools Challenge side that reached the national finals.Maybe ita£Š?s in the genes. During childbirth, Saucony Black Friday Sales I deadened the pain of contractions with an epidural and played Trivial Pursuit with my husband, John, for hours. He now claims he let me win. As if!Over the years Ia£Š?ve appeared on Krypton Factor, Crosswits, Fifteen to One and a host of pub quizzes and charity events.During a lucrative outing, aged 18, on Sale Of Saucony Black Friday Sales The Century, which paid for several weeks of tennis tournaments, I became flustered when asked to spell a£Š?pseudonyma£Š? and blurted out: a£Š?P-s-u-e-d . . . no, thata£Š?s not it . . . p-s-u-e-d . . . oh, bugger it!a£Š? RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 2 Next From cutting toasted soldiers to finding the TV remote when... As Saucony Black Friday Sales Nigella shows off her frizzy mane on holiday, four brave... Internet Svengali who persuaded a loving child to falsely... Share this article Share Nicholas Parsons, with ineffable condescension (and the answer on a card in front of him) intoned: a£Š?Sally, when you get to Oxford, take a dictionary and you will see that ita£Š?s spelt p-s-e-u-d-o-n-y-m.a£Š?Mastermind, Saucony Black Friday Sales however, remains the single most nerve-wracking experience of my life.Quizzing is fractionally more male-dominated and gladiatorial than professional rugby league and populated by anoraks with halitosis and low-level jobs, maybe because they spend every spare minute hoovering up obscure facts in order to clean up at pub quizzes.Any woman who admits to the same perverse taste Saucony Black Friday Sales for memorising trivia, from U.S. state capitals to Monopoly board squares, in order, is treated with pitying contempt a£Š°® or, if she wins, outright aggression. A?Any woman who admits to the same perverse taste for memorising trivia, from U.S. state capitals to Monopoly board squares, in order, is treated with pitying contempt a£Š°® or, if she Saucony Black Friday Sales wins, outright aggression. Sally JonesA?Drawn by a curious masochism, I first entered Mastermind in 2009 and squeaked through the first round a£Š°® specialist subject: Sakia£Š?s short stories a£Š°® narrowly beating three (delightful and supportive) blokes with immaculate personal hygiene, only to find a hostile taunt on my Wikipedia entry.a£Š?Despite being a£Š?a so-called sports journalista£Š?, she failed Saucony Black Friday Sales to recall that Phil Vickery captained England in the 2007 World Cup. Pathetic!a£Š?I bowed out in the semia£Š°•final to the eventual (female) winner.Never imagining I would get through the first round, I had thoughtlessly picked tennis star and feminist campaigner Billie-Jean King as my specialist subject, a horribly broad topic as her career lasted several decades.Why Saucony Black Friday Sales hadna£Š?t I chosen Maureen a£Š?Little Moa£Š? Connolly who won her first three Wimbledons in the Fifties then retired, aged 18, after smashing her leg in a riding accident?This time a£Š°® for an episode to be aired tomorrow a£Š°® I chose John Betjemana£Š?s poetry (ita£Š?s entertaining and easily memorable), and selected a sparkly frock but manageable heels: Saucony Black Friday Sales the polished Mastermind walkway is narrow and slippery.Madeline and I tested each other to distraction, memorising lists of British Prime Ministers, flags of the world, Booker Prize winners and African capitals.We arrived at the Manchester studios a£Š°® she excited, me numb with terror.Of course, nothing wea£Š?d memorised cropped up in the all-important general knowledge questions a£Š°® Saucony Black Friday Sales though Betjemana£Š?s a£Š?usual suspectsa£Š? Miss Joan Hunter Dunn and Pam the a£Š?great big mountainous sports girla£Š? were there.And how did we do? You'll just have to tune in to find out.SALLYa£Š?S DAUGHTER MADELINE SAYS:Ia£Š?ve wanted to go on University Challenge for as long as I can remember. So when my college team failed to make it Saucony Black Friday Sales past the heats, I was naturally disappointed.Sensing mediocrity, my ever-pushy mother nagged until I agreed to fill out an application to go on Mastermind a£Š°® the Robin to University Challengea£Š?s Batman.Some parents seem determined their children will go to a particular school or become a rocket scientist, but in our family ita£Š?s all about quizzes. She Saucony Black Friday Sales even entered herself, presumably for moral support. Sally and Madeline will both be seen on our TV screens soon in the infamous Mastermind chairI was invited to London for an interview and to answer a few general knowledge questions. I assumed it was a lost cause, thanks to the football question Ia£Š?d undoubtedly got wrong (pretty Saucony Black Friday Sales sure Arsenal dona£Š?t play at Stamford Bridge), and I kicked myself for forgetting the word a£Š?quangoa£Š? under pressure.Still, no doubt the BBC had gender diversity quotas to fill a£Š°® I got on to the show.Sadly, the top two possible specialist topics Ia£Š?d hoped to do, Harry Potter and Jane Austen, had been chosen in recent years, Saucony Black Friday Sales which was a huge disappointment.As a child, I read and re-read the Harry Potter books while the other children went to birthday parties. As for Jane Austen, I just wanted an excuse to revisit Colin Firth in a wet T-shirt.In the end, I opted for the novels of E. M. Forster and spent weeks mugging up, Saucony Black Friday Sales though I kept avoiding his longest, most complicated work, A Passage To India. I then had to read and learn the entire book the day before filming.On the day itself, I opted for a loose, white polka-dot shirt and jeans. Mum nagged me to wear something smarter, but I was dressing for comfort.My grandma and best Saucony Black Friday Sales friend, Eliza, came along for support and tested us both as we drove to the BBC studios in Salford. We were fitted with microphones and herded into the main studio, which was awash with cameramen, lighting technicians and spectators.When John Humphrys appeared, the lights dimmed and the quizzing began.Watching other contestants before me was the worst Saucony Black Friday Sales bit. I was so nervous when the guy in front of me finished that I started walking to The Chair before my name was called. Cue laughter from John Humphrys and the audience, and an embarrassing re-take. On my way back, the mic fell out of my jeans, and had to be refitted in front of Saucony Black Friday Sales everyone.But when I got in The Chair, something marvellous happened. I found that the mic incident, while mortifying, had released a lot of tension, and I felt almost relaxed.Both sets of questions went surprisingly well. The other contestants answered on The Battle of the Somme, the band Joy Division and The Big Bang Theory (the TV Saucony Black Friday Sales show, not the beginning of the universe). I got lucky with what felt like the easiest general knowledge questions, but still managed to give an unbelievably thick answer to a question about jewellery.When we finished, John Humphrys strode off before I got a chance to speak to (i.e. take a selfie with) him.Will I get another Saucony Black Friday Sales opportunity? Thata£Š?s one question I cana£Š?t answer just yet...Sally Jones will appear on Mastermind on BBC2 tomorrow at 8pm; Madelinea£Š?s appearance is on Friday, February 6, at 8pm. .